Top 10 Richest YouTubers in Nigeria & Net Worth

Richest YouTubers in Niger

Nigeria’s YouTube scene is bubbling with talent, creativity, and yes, cold hard cash. These days, being a YouTuber isn’t just a hobby; it’s a burgeoning career path paved with viral views, lucrative brand deals, and a chance to become a household name. But who are the kings and queens of this digital landscape, racking up millions of subscribers and laughing all the way to the bank? Buckle up, fam, because we’re diving into the “Top Richest YouTubers in Nigeria & Net Worth” exploring their journeys, content, and the secrets to their YouTube empires.

1. Mark Angel Comedy (Net Worth: $1.9 Million):

The OG of Nigerian comedy skits, Mark Angel has been tickling our funny bones for over a decade. With viral sensations like “Oga Landlord” and “Emmanuella,” his channel boasts over 8 million subscribers and millions more in his bank account.

2. Broda Shaggi (Net Worth: $1 Million):

This “funny agbaya” is more than just a flamboyant grandma. Broda Shaggi’s hilarious skits and infectious laugh have garnered him over 5 million subscribers, lucrative brand deals, and a net worth that’s anything but shabby.

3. Lasisi Elenu: (Net Worth: $800,000)

Lasisi Elenu’s signature deadpan stare and exaggerated facial expressions are comedy gold. His skits, often poking fun at everyday Nigerian life, have resonated with over 4 million subscribers. Brand deals, live shows, and that ever-growing YouTube ad revenue have made Lasisi Elenu a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian YouTube scene.

4. Taaooma (Net Worth: $800,000):

This queen of DIY transformations knows how to slay. Taaooma’s makeup tutorials, fashion hauls, and relatable skits have won her over 2 million subscribers and a net worth that’s as flawless as her glow-ups.

5. Edith (Net Worth: $1.5 Million):

In a world of filters and Facetune, Edith Of Editorial Natural Beauty is a breath of fresh air. Her channel is a haven for natural beauty tips, skincare routines, and makeup tutorials that celebrate African features. With over 1 million subscribers and a booming business selling her own line of beauty products, Edith is proving that real beauty reigns supreme.

6. Jide Ogbolugo:  (Net Worth: $800,000)

Jide Ogbolugo isn’t your typical comedian. He’s the tech guru, the man who demystifies gadgets and software for the average Nigerian. His tech reviews, tutorials, and unboxings have garnered him over 2 million subscribers and a net worth that proves tech knowledge is gold in the digital age.

7. Samuel Oluwafemi Asubiojo (Net Worth: $1 Million):

This tech whiz uses YouTube to demystify the digital world. Tutorials on coding, app development, and social media marketing have landed him over 1 million subscribers and a net worth that shines as brightly as his coding skills.

8. Emmanuella: (Net Worth: $900,000)

Don’t let her age fool you. This pint-sized comedian has carved her own niche in the Nigerian YouTube landscape. Her wit, charm, and ability to deliver side-splitting one-liners have earned her over 12 million followers and a net worth that most adults would envy. Emmanuella’s future is as bright as her smile, and she’s definitely a name to watch (and subscribe to) in the years to come.

9. Kassim Bramah: (Net Worth: $990,000)

If you’re looking for mouthwatering recipes and a dash of Nigerian flavor, Kassim Bramah is your guy. His cooking tutorials, restaurant reviews, and food challenges have tantalized over 1 million subscribers and landed him lucrative brand deals.

10. Yemi Alade (Net Worth: $5 Million):

While not exclusively a YouTuber, Yemi Alade’s music videos and behind-the-scenes content have racked up millions of views, contributing to her overall net worth of $5 million. Her global success shows the crossover potential between traditional media and the YouTube platform.


Nigerian YouTube is a testament to the creativity, resilience, and diversity of the Nigerian people. It’s a platform that entertains, informs, and empowers, and its influence is only going to grow in the years to come. So, buckle up, hit subscribe, and get ready to experience the best that Nigerian YouTube has to offer!

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