Top 10 Hausa Musicians in Nigeria (2024)

Hausa musicians have seen remarkable success in the music business over the years in the country. The legendary arewa music, in which the majority of these kannywood performers specialize, is credited with giving them their notoriety. Given that the hausa tribe is the most numerous in the nation, many of their performers will undoubtedly become well-known in the music industry.

Hausa Musicians

Some of the best musicians in Nigeria are from the Northern part of the country and have hit songs that are known to have topped billboards. These popular Hausa musicians are few as their songs are regarded by the vast majority of listeners. However, in this section, we’ll examine the top musicians of Hausa origin in Nigeria.

The complete list and information on the top-ranking Hausa musicians in Nigeria can be found below.


Jude Abaga is better known to the public as M.I. Without a doubt, he is among the best and biggest Hausa musicians working in Nigeria today. Jude was born in Jos, the state capital of the Plateau. He is a well-known Hausa rapper, singer, stage performer, and songwriter.

MI is a talented musician that has won awards, and she excels in the Nigerian entertainment industry. He is well known both domestically and abroad and has received various honors. You do not need anyone to tell you that M.I is a well-known musician given his appeal and the way fans respond to his music.


Another well-known hausa musician is Ice Prince. The musician’s stage name, Panshak Zamani, is widely recognized. His foray into the Hausa music scene began in 2009. The singer is now well-known in the field. Ice Prince’s net worth indicates that he has worked hard to achieve his status as one of the greatest Hausa musicians. The seasoned performer is one of Nigeria’s most well-known and compelling hip hop rappers. The estimated value of Ice Prince’s current net worth is $4.5 million.


Mohammed Usman Adamu, a quickly emerging Hausa singer better known by his stage name Magnito, is a well-liked performer from the Hausa tribe.

The musician, who was born on July 15, is from the Idoma tribe in Benue state. He was born and raised in Abuja, where he also completed his elementary schooling. Later on, he attended the University of Jos and graduated with a degree in business management. Magnito is one of the most successful Hausa artists in the nation thanks to his considerable riches.


The nation’s most well-known hausa and arewa musician is Jesse Jagz. He is the brother of M.I. Abaga, a well-known Nigerian rapper in the business, and goes by the name Jesse Garba Abaga.

Jesse is a rapper, music producer, lyricist, and composer. He has a record deal with Chocolate City. The singer joined the label in 2010, the same year he released his debut studio album, “Jag of All Tradez.”

Currently, Jesse Jagz is one of the most captivating hip-hop and reggae rappers in the nation. He ranks among the richest musicians from his tribe with an estimated net worth of $1.7 million.


Another well-known Hausa performer is Musa Akilah, who is also known by his stage name Morell. He is a well-known professional vocalist from the northern Nigerian state of Bauchi.

The musician with the most records is maybe the wealthiest in the area. The artist’s distinctive RNB sound has inspired him to share the stage with international hip-hop stars like Sean Kingston and Kanye West. Nordan Ortty has endorsed Morell as a musician. The musician has a respectable net worth when looking at his wealth.


Rapper DJ AB was born in Kaduna and goes by the full name Haruna Abdullahi. He was born on July 28, 1993, in Kaduna, Northern Nigeria, and is a producer, rapper, and vocalist.

The performer has an audio/visual studio in Kaduna by the name of YNS Studios and is affiliated with YaranNorthSide Entertainment Company. Without a doubt, DJ AB is not among the most well-known Hausa musicians in the nation. He earns this spot on the list thanks to a strong net worth and other elements.


Classiq is a talented rapper from northern Nigeria’s Bauchi State. He was born on July 21st, 1991, and belongs to the Hausa tribe. Rapper and hip-hop musician is the artist.

He is presently affiliated with Up North Records, a division of Chocolate City Music, and Arewa Mafia. Looking at Classiq’s fortune, it is estimated that he is worth over $60,000, or roughly 20–30 million Naira.


Dr. Smith is the stage moniker that Simon Bulus is more well known by. The arewa musician from the Plateau state is well-known for his talent. Rapper Dr. Smith works as an On Air Personality (OAP) on Unity FM 93.3 Jos. The artist has shared the stage with artists like M.I., Ice Prince, Mode9, Pheroceous, Jessy Jags, Nice, Nigger Raw, 2face, Style – Plus, Psquare, and Jeremiah Gyang, to name a few.

The musician is regarded as one of the best Hausa musicians in the nation and has a respectable net worth.


Another well-known arewa musician is Luka Bulus Madaki. He is a rapper from Bauchi State who is most known for going by the stage name BOC Madaki. He was conceived on July 22. BOC attended the Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic in Bauchi, but he discontinued his studies for unknown reasons. Later, he continued his education at the School of Environmental Studies, where he earned a National Diploma with honors. The performer was a finalist for Arewa Best Rap Artiste of the Year, a category of the City People Music Award.


Lord Bawa, who was born in July 1992, is well-known for going by the stage names Kheengz or YFK. This Hausa rapper is a graduate of ABU Zaria, where he initially pursued civil engineering before switching to music. Kheengz has maintained a top position in the market thanks to his musical prowess. The performer has a sizable fan base, earning him a spot on our list.


These top 10 musicians from Hausa land in Nigeria are the best, according to their perspectives. These performers are the most distinctive individuals in the local kannywood scene. They are also the most wealthy arewa entertainers in the entire northern region, all things considered.

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