Top 12 Signs That Someone Loves You

1. Love Notes

Try to write love words on a note, places it and make sure your girlfriend can see the contents of your love word. Place on a book, or chair where she sits or a bench where she sits in the class. Seek the words as beautifully as possible to express your love.

2. Write Poetry

If you are a poetic man you can try to make him a beautiful poem. You can write it in the form of a letter or you can state it directly in front of her. However, when writing poetry is heavy, you can create a rhyme or song that contains you and him, it is so sweet.

3. Whisper A Sweet Word

Do not worry, if you are the type of person who is not romantic. You can whisper sweet words in her ears. Whisper words like “To me, you are the perfect partner” or a sweet expression of gratitude. “Thank you for loving me with your sincerity.”

4. Talk About Good Memories

You can talk about the experience or the moment of good memories with her. Just show it if you are very happy to be with her. Remembering good memories with her is proof that you really love her so much. Keeping this beautiful memory alive.

5. Her Personality That You Like

Tell her about her personality that you most liked. You have to express this honestly, yes. Being open to each other is important things in a relationship.

6. A Loving Hug

Hug your beloved girlfriend is to show how much you love her. With this hug, it shows that she is the only one that you love. Feeling it deeply, you will know it.

7. Holding Hands

When you are together trying to always hold hands. Whether it’s just on the road, watching the cinema, or while driving the car. This classic way is always liked by girls, try it.

8. Dance

Music, everyone would love it. Make sure you understand what music that your beloved likes. Play the music and get him to dance with you. Enjoy this togetherness to cultivate your love for him.

9. Gaze Deep Into Her Eyes

Gaze deep into her eyes will show how serious you are about showing your love. Simply by looking at each eye, you will know what kind of love between you and her.

10. Help Her In Secretly

It is not all of the girls like direct statements or direct actions even though he likes you too. Some women choose to be indifferent to hide their feelings. How is the right way to show how much you love? You can help him secretly. Like helping her with her schoolwork, or home activities such as sweeping, cooking and even washing her bike.

11. A Special Gift For Her

You can make a gift with your own results. Take her best picture and make it into a mug or pillow with sweet words that show your love for her. Guaranteed, she would love the gift you give.

12. Buy Her Favorite Food

Do you know what her favorite foods are? If yes, buy it one favorite food that your girlfriend loves very much. However, it would be better if you make it yourself with the decoration that says I love you, dear.

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