Why Tinubu Appointed me as a solid minerals minister instead of information – Alake

Dele Alake

The minister of solid minerals, Dele Alake has explained the reason he was deployed to the Ministry of Solid Minerals instead of the Ministry of Information.

Alake said his expertise, track records and sense of responsibility propelled President Bola Tinubu to assign the ministry of solid minerals to him.

Before the President assigned portfolios to his appointees, many Nigerians had thought that Alake would become Nigeria’s next Minister of Information given his professional background.

But following his swearing in on Monday, August 21, 2023, Alake said the President decided to shock Nigerians by not assigning him to the Ministry of Information.

He said, “My portfolio has been the upset of the entire cabinet because given my antecedents, exposure, and experience in the area of perception, information management, and the likes so most people have pigeon whole me for Information and so we decided to shock everybody.

“Now if you all can sit down to analyse the global trend of economic development, you would note that the hydrocarbon that is the oil is fading out and the world is moving towards alternatives like gas, electric cars, and the rest. So what is the next economic growth factor? It is solid mineral.”

The minister further explained that it was proper for the President to send home to the solid minerals ministry given the nature of the sector to Nigeria’s economy.

He added that the President knows he has a “demonstrable sense of responsibility and courage to drive the agenda.”

Alake maintained that the assignment before him was not about the ministry that he was assigned to but the results his performance would yield for Nigerians.

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