Best Yoruba Love Names To Call Your Spouse

In Yoruba culture, names hold immense power, reflecting the essence of the individual and their place within the community. Love names are no exception, often carrying meanings that speak to the unique qualities and virtues cherished by the beloved. These names can be terms of endearment, expressions of admiration, or playful nicknames that strengthen the intimacy between partners.

 Names of Affection and Admiration:

Ife mi: “My love”

Ododo mi: “My flower”

Onitemi: “Mine”

Ololufe: “My only love”

Ayanfe: “Chosen one”

Arewa: “Beautiful one”

Names of endearment and playfulness:

Okan mi: “My heart”

Olowo ori mi: “The one who paid my bride price”

Temi: “Mine”

Ayo mi: “My joy”

Adunni: “Sweetness”

Olori mi: “My queen/princess”

Names reflecting specific qualities:

Atunpa parlour mi: “The light in my parlour” (often used by a man to describe his wife)

Ijakara: “Strong woman”

Oko mi alagbara: “My strong husband”

Anike: “Brave one”

Olobinrin ọgbọn: “Wise woman”

Customizing Love Names:

Many love names can be further personalized by adding prefixes or suffixes. For example, “Ife mi” can become “Iyawo mi,” meaning “My wife,” or “Oko mi,” meaning “My husband.” These customized names add a layer of intimacy and specificity to your expression of love.


Yoruba love names are more than just words; they are expressions of love, admiration, and the deep connection shared between partners. Choosing and using these names is a beautiful way to nourish your relationship and celebrate the rich heritage of the Yoruba culture. So, explore the diverse range of Yoruba love names and find the ones that resonate with you and your spouse, allowing you to express your love in a language of your own.

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