Top8 Advantages of HND Over BSc

In the realm of higher education, the decision between pursuing a Higher National Diploma (HND) and a Bachelor’s degree (BSc) can be perplexing. Let’s explore the advantages of choosing an HND over a traditional university degree.

1. Affordable School Fees

Most polytechnics in Nigeria charge tuition fees of less than N40,000, rendering education more accessible. In contrast, universities often charge over N80,000, making education financially burdensome for many, including institutions like ESUT, LASU, EKSU, and others.

2. Job Opportunity

Many job openings in Nigeria favor National Diploma and HND holders, providing more job prospects for polytechnic graduates compared to their university counterparts.

3. Change of Study and Environment

After obtaining a National Diploma, it is possible to change your course of study. For instance, you can pursue your HND in a different state or even progress to university education if desired.

4. Easy Admission

Admission into polytechnics is less competitive compared to universities, offering a viable option for individuals who have struggled for years to secure admission into a university.

5. Quick Certificate

National Diploma (ND) can be attained in just two years, allowing individuals to start earning a salary sooner without the prolonged duration required for a university degree.

6. Equal Certificate

Polytechnic results hold equal value, irrespective of whether they are from private or government institutions. In contrast, university certificates vary in value, with Federal University certificates being more sought after than those from State and Private universities.

7. Admission by Merit

Polytechnic admission is primarily based on merit, ensuring that candidates who perform well are offered admission, regardless of the chosen course or institution. This stands in contrast to some universities where admission may be influenced by financial considerations or connections.

8. Conversion of Certification

Unlike B.Sc holders who are limited to their degree certificate, polytechnic graduates can convert their HND to B.Sc if they choose to pursue further academic qualifications.


In this closing section, we’ll summarize the advantages of choosing an HND over a BSc, empowering readers with insights to make informed educational decisions.

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