Top 5 Reasons Why Ladies Marry Early

Marriage is a significant milestone in life, and the ideal age to tie the knot is a highly personal decision. Society often throws around the notion of a “biological clock” for women, pressuring them to marry young for childbearing purposes. But is there more to the story? Let’s delve into the potential advantages and considerations for ladies contemplating early marriage.

Below are some reasons why ladies should try to marry early.

1. A Woman’s Body is Predisposed to Safer Pregnancy in Her 20’s

A lot of healthcare practitioners endorse the idea of early marriage. From the physical standpoint, a woman’s body is inclined to safer pregnancy and higher fertility. Getting married at an early age ensures a better chance at having a baby. Late marriage sets the biological clock ticking and women in their older age bracket can be more susceptible to complicated pregnancies or even miscarriages in some cases.

2. You Can Seamlessly Integrate With Your Partner

When you are younger, you are more adaptive and malleable. It will come naturally to you to adapt to the changes and challenges that a marriage entails. When you marry young, you’re still a work in progress. You are making headway towards becoming the person you aspire to be. You are less rigid and more open to formulating healthy habits, patterns and lifestyle that facilitate a seamless blending with your partner. This amiable equation would contribute to a happy marriage and a stronger bond with your partner.

On the contrary, in a late marriage, it is unlikely that you outgrow your deep-seated habits and thought process.

3. Have More Time to Enjoy As Partners

As we have laid out that marriage is not parallel to having kids, just imagine that you and your partner have way more time to enjoy as a couple. No kids, no other responsibilities to think about, nothing to hold your plans, just you and your special someone.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate kids or just see them as merely added baggage to the load of responsibility we have. Just being realistic though, there are lots of things that you will be hindered to do once you have kids in the family.

As much as you want to go on in a spontaneous trip with your partner, go out with your family and friends together with your husband or wife, playthings silly and fool around, you just can’t.


4. You and Your Partner Can Think Things Through

This point has nothing to do with getting separated but about planning better about your future. You and your partner can thoroughly think about what you want to do in your lives now that you are one. You may have some goals and ideas what to do before getting married, but again, perspectives change once you are in the situation.

Maximize the time that you have since you marry early to plan and strategize. It may not be 100% carried out, but you already have the feels or experience as married individuals to guide you along the way.

5. Have a Career Without Sacrificing Your Love Life

We can assume that by saying marrying early, you are still on your way to establishing your career. Unfortunately, some people tend to choose between love life and career. But if you are confident with your relationship, why not tie the knot or live together?

I am not prophesying that once you are married, everything will be more comfortable. It’s just that you have that commitment to go through the challenges, through thick and thin as you vow, with your partner. Since you are still young, you also have ample time to handle your career better.

At the end of the day, no matter what we say or others tell you what to do; it will always depend on you and your partner. Only the two of you know the ins and outs of your relationship.


Indeed, marriage is a beautiful yet challenging thing at the same time. You may marry early but not in a rush. You have to think things through or reflect carefully. Marriage is a long-term commitment that you have to live and to hold for the rest of your life.

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