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The Most Countries Where Nigerians Import Their Vehicles From

In the dynamic world of automotive trade, Nigerians have become avid importers of vehicles from various countries. These cars imported into Nigeria whether new or used are gotten from a specific set of countries.

There are many reasons why Nigerian car importers prefer to purchase their cars through these countries.

This article explores the top destinations where Nigerians source most of their vehicles.

Some of the top countries that Nigerians import cars from include:

1. The United States of America (USA)

An article published by The Cable in 2023 noted that 99% of cars imported into Nigeria in 2023 were from America, and these vehicles totalled N721.79 billion. The number of cars imported from the USA is more than all other countries combined.

According to Nigerian port statistics, this has gone up from 75% of total car imports from America in the previous years. But, why have imported cars from America dominated the Nigerian car importation business? There are several reasons we get lots of imports from here.

Some of these reasons are the Availability of varieties, the ease of importing cars from the USA even if you reside in Nigeria as well as our love for cheap deals from USA car auctions. Several car dealers also buy their cars from USA online auctions. Another reason for this influx is the fact that cars are usually sent home by the large number of Nigerians who reside there.

The high percentage of cars imported from America into Nigeria also explains why these cars have gotten expensive today in Nigeria, as the dollar rate continues to increase, thereby affecting how much they’ll be retailed in Nigeria.

2. Germany

Germany is another top country where cars are imported from Nigeria. If you are hell-bent on buying a Peugeot or a Toyota Avensis from the USA, the Lord is your strength. However, these cars are found in abundance in Germany and other European countries.

Anytime you see a fully loaded car coming out of the Nigerian ports, that’s an easy giveaway that that car is just landing from Europe. Some people buy these cars especially the older models just to use them as a box to convey goods to Nigeria.

3. Belgium

At some point, car importation into Nigeria gave these cars a unique name “Belgium cars,” which colloquially means “used cars” in Nigeria. Reports from The Cable noted that N1.52 Billion worth of cars were imported into Nigeria from Belgium in 2023. Belgium is home to Antwerp Seaport which is the second busiest seaport in Europe after Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Several Nigerian-bound cars are also trucked to this port from neighbouring European countries before being loaded on a ship.

4. Canada

Some cars are cheaper in Canada compared to the USA but the cost of shipping to Nigeria from Canada can be higher. People also take advantage of the better exchange rate of about N1,000/Canadian Dollar as against the N1,300/US Dollar. We expect an increase in the rate of cars that will be heading to Nigeria from Canada with the current rate at which Nigerians are relocating to Canada through Express Entry, and other relocation pathways.

5. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The United Arab Emirates also makes up part of the 1% of car importations USA left. In 2023, reports note that N2.12 billion worth of cars were imported from the United Arab Emirates into Nigeria. UAE is home to many beautiful and luxurious automobiles. Some popular vehicles that are imported from UAE are Prado, Land Cruiser, Lexus LX570, Pajero, Hilux, Hiace, etc.. because some of these vehicles are scarce or non-existent in the USA.

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