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The Most Coldest Place In Nigeria

Nigeria, known for its warmth and vibrant culture, holds a secret – a chilling paradox that defies the nation’s tropical stereotype. While most envision Nigeria as a land of perpetual heat, there exists a place that challenges these assumptions, embracing an unexpected coldness that beckons exploration.

Some people believe that the coldest place in Nigeria is Jos, Plateau State. The average temperature in Jos is around 21°C to 25°C, but it can drop as low as 7°C during the coldest months. Jos is located at an altitude of about 1,600 meters above sea level. The high altitude, combined with the dry Harmattan winds, makes Jos a very cold place.

Another place often considered to be the coldest in Nigeria is Gembu, Taraba State. Gembu is located on the Mambilla Plateau, which is the highest plateau in Nigeria. With temperatures varying from 11.7°C to 27.8°C and rarely below 9.4°C or above 31.1°C, Gembu is considered the coldest place in Nigeria.

The average temperature in Gembu is around 18°C, but it can drop to as low as 9.4°C during the coldest months. However, the debate about whether Gembu is actually colder than Jos still stands. Some sources say that Gembu is the coldest place in Nigeria, while others say that Jos is colder.

Ultimately, the coldest place in Nigeria is a matter of debate. Both Jos and Gembu are very cold places, and they are both located at high altitudes.

If you are looking for a cold place to visit in Nigeria, any of the two cities above, and the other cities listed below would be a good choice:

  1. Abuja: Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, experiences dusty and cold weather during harmattan, with a 22°C temperature.

  2. Kaduna: Kaduna experiences hot, dry weather during Harmattan, with early morning temperatures around 19°C.

  3. Kastina: Its December temperature ranges from 39°C to 7°C, recently with 18°C and potential foggy conditions.

  4. Kano: Kano experiences cooler temperatures from December to February, with night-time lows of 11-15°C, and a 17°C forecast.

  5. Enugu: Harmattan in Enugu is usually experienced in December and January. The weather is usually around 25°C, with dusty air that brings harshness to the skin.

  6. Sokoto: Though Sokoto could be very hot during the year, harmattan causes its temperature to be as low as 19°C.

7. Ekiti: Ekiti has various communities experiencing cold weather, including Ado-Ekiti, Ikere-Ekiti, Aramoko-Ekiti, and Omuo-Ekiti. Hausa traders invest in tea trading for profit during the cold season.

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