The Best Business Schools in Nigeria, 2024

Embarking on a journey to acquire business acumen in Nigeria? Explore the top-notch institutions that stand out in the realm of business education. This comprehensive guide will navigate you through the best business schools in the country, offering insights into their programs, faculty, and the unique learning experiences they provide.



The Lagos Business School (LBS) is a prestigious business school in Ajah, Lagos State. The Pan-Atlantic University Foundation owns this postgraduate business school of Pan-Atlantic University (PAUF).

The LBS, as it is known, was developed and launched in 1991. The college offers academic, executive, and short-term management programs that have been ranked among the best in Africa on multiple occasions.

Lagos Business School has associated with a number of different business institutions both within and outside of Africa. This is in the context of programs aimed at developing responsible corporate leaders for Africa and the rest of the globe.


Regenesys Business School is ranked second on our ranking of the best business schools in Nigeria.

Regenesys is a private school that began in Johannesburg, South Africa, but has now expanded to include campuses in Mumbai and Lagos.

The college, which has been located on Victoria Island since 1993, provides a variety of short academic programs. These programmes are practical, pertinent, and well-designed, with industry and subject-matter experts facilitating them.

Regenesys is known for educational prowess, top-notch management programs, and significant contributions to students, professionals, and society in general. Regenesys Nigeria takes a holistic approach to education – intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.


The third-best school of business on our ranking is West African Business School (WABS). Mr. Obasi Ngwutaon designed and launched the school on May 7, 2002. The institute was made with respect to a demand for high-quality professional development, corporate training, and executive education.

West African Business School (WABS) started off by hosting corporate seminars, workshops, and soft business short courses. Today, WABS is a household name and a universal brand throughout Africa, renowned for providing world-class services. Corporate Training, Government Human Capital Development, Professional Education, Executive Education, Business Intelligence, Consulting, and Research Services are among their academic programmes.


Metropolitan School of Business and Management is a top-tier Nigerian business school with its headquarters in Canary Wharf, London. This business school provides both online and on-campus education to its students.

Furthermore, it equips its teaching staff to deliver the finest possible instruction through the use of current technologies.

Overall, Metropolitan Business Institution is a fantastic option for anyone looking to add a foreign degree to their resume.


The Federal Ministry of Education and the Lagos State Agency for Mass Education have certified the International School of Management (ISM) as more than just a Nigerian school of business.

ISM guarantees that their students receive a high-quality business management education. The school provides a variety of educational and corporate development programs in a variety of business and management specialities.

The International School of Management (ISM) develops programs based on international best practices and with the help of professional curriculum specialists.


African Business School is Nigeria’s conversely destination for students. This business school is situated in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, specifically at 3rd Avenue, Plot 100, Gwarimpa Estate, Abuja.

Babcock University, Magner Carter College in the United Kingdom, and the Graduate Management School in Cameroon collaborate with African Business School.

Marketing and Banking Management, Business, Finance, Administration, and Accounts are just a few of the programs they offer.

The Centre for Management Development has also given the business school its seal of approval.

The institution also creates interactive channels to connect together persons with similar interests in management and finance.


UBS (Unicaribbean Business School in Nigeria) is also one of Nigeria’s leading business institutions. The Federal Ministry of Education has authorized this institution, and the International Accreditation Organization has accredited it.

Several universities, business schools, and other organizations throughout the world are linked with the institution.

The Unicaribbean Business School (UBS) offers a variety of academic and professional development programs in a variety of business and management fields. It has been delivering an excellent business education for a few years based on their academic excellence.


The Nnamdi Azikiwe University Business School (UBS) is one of the country’s most prestigious business schools. The university owns and operates the institute.

UBS is a well-organized academic wing for management, business, and leadership training, with the goal of instilling necessary information and abilities in future industrialists, perceptive businesspeople, and entrepreneurs. In their occupations, these qualified professionals should flourish through integrity and the agreed ways of working.

UNIZIK Business Schools (UBS) also provides postgraduate and certificate programs.


Kaduna Business School is a world-class business institution in Nigeria that was formed in 2000 in the state of Kaduna. The business school aims to standardize corporate procedures, open up new avenues for creative thinking, and provide opportunities for specialists.

Kaduna Business School has graduated a large number of business students, and its high-quality business education wants to draw prospective learners.

All areas of the Nigerian economy benefit from the institution’s competence, strong governance, leadership wisdom, and organizational savvy.


Enugu, Nigeria is home to GPE Business School. In Nigeria and throughout Africa, the school offers a rapidly growing e-learning platform.

The institution is dedicated to developing and improving executive education methods. To a complete electronic learning setting, this includes instructional methods, course curricula, and workshops.

GPE business courses are incredibly cost-effective, particularly if you are a new entrepreneur. It would be an excellent location to start learning the fundamentals of business.


Summarize the key takeaways from the exploration of the best business schools in Nigeria. Emphasize the importance of choosing an institution that aligns with your aspirations and values.

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