Some Yellow Flags In A Relationship, According To Experts

Yellow flags are subjective in nature—what may not make a difference to one person in a relationship can be very concerning to another individual.

The issue may not mean that the relationship is over, but it may lead you to proceed cautiously. You have probably heard about red flags–when you know you have to disconnect from a particular thing or relationship. But have you ever wondered what ‘yellow flags’ mean in a relationship?

Yellow flags are basically signs that tell you to be cautious or be on the lookout for any issues in your relationship or partner.

While these may not be serious, they may hint you towards a bigger problem that’s probably hiding in plain sight. And these are definitely necessary to spot.

Here listed are some of the common yellow flags to look out for in new relationships.

1. Being in contact with ex:

Still being friends or being in contact with an ex isn’t wrong, but it means, your partner is currently threading on thin lines. If your partner frequently talks to their ex, it means you have to be careful about their relationship with their ex.

2. Getting upset with criticism

Honest criticism is important for the overall growth of your personality. Everyone should be able to take in positive criticism for their own good. However, if your partner gets upset even with a little bit of criticism, then you should be a little worried.

3. Making plans and decisions alone

A relationship is a shared responsibility that both partners have to take account of. Your partner shouldn’t be making plans or decisions on their own, especially if it includes you, your wellbeing and life. They should be able to consult with you.

4. Making judgements and assumptions

Judging and making assumptions about somebody without knowing the truth isn’t a good thing. And if your partner engages in this, then this is something you and your partner should have a discussion about.

5. You are reminded of your ex

Does your partner remind you of your ex? If yes, then woah…that’s something you should be on the lookout for. There may be certain behavioural patterns or needs that indicate similarity between your current partner and your ex, and in most cases, it is unhealthy and toxic. So, this is a yellow flag that you should definitely consider.

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