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Seun Kuti: My Family Started Anglican Church In Nigeria But Am A Juju Worshiper

Seun Kuti

In this compelling narrative, we’ll delve into the intriguing story of Seun Kuti, who comes from a family deeply rooted in establishing an Anglican Church in Nigeria.

However, amidst this religious foundation, Seun Kuti unveils his personal journey as a practitioner of juju worship. Grammy-nominated afrobeat singer, he claimed that his family started Anglican Church in Nigeria.

Kuti’s great grandfather and grandfather, Josiah Ransome-Kuti and Reverend Israel Oludotun Ransome-Kuti, respectively, were Anglican ministers in colonial Nigeria.

The singer said despite his family’s role in propagating Christianity in Nigeria, he is not a follower of the religion.

He boldly declared that he is a “juju” worshipper.

Speaking in the latest episode of the Spill With Phyna podcast, Kuti urged other Africans to return to African traditional religions.

He said, “It was my family that started Anglican side of Christianity in this country, if you look back at it. We are among the pioneers. So, we’ve been there, we’ve done that and we’ve moved on. And we hope Africans can follow suit.

” I don’t go to church. Na juju me I dey do.”

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