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Rema’s Exciting Collaboration with Jason Derulo’s Upcoming Album

Rema and Jason Derulo

The music industry is about to witness a harmonious fusion as Rema, the rising star from Nigeria, joins forces with the internationally acclaimed Jason Derulo for his upcoming album. This unexpected collaboration has sent ripples of excitement through the global music community, creating anticipation for a groundbreaking musical experience.

Rema is one of the guest artists on Jason Derulo’s ‘Nu King’ album.

Rema is one of the stars leading the exportation of Nigerian music through his music which has gained commercial success globally.

In another move to connect with international listeners, Rema is set to appear on the ‘Nu King’ album of American pop star Jason Derulo.

The Afrobeats star will join other superstars including Nicki Minaj, TY Dollar$, French Montano, Quavo, Adam Levine, and EDM legend David Guetta, among other artists on Jason Derulo’s upcoming album.

Rema and Jason Derulo previously appeared together on ‘Ayo Girl‘ remix by Belgian music producer Robinson.

Jason Derulo has also previously collaborated with Rema’s label mate Bayyani on the remix of his hit single ‘Tatata’.

For Rema, this is another proof of his growing popularity in the United States where he has enjoyed commercial success courtesy of his smash hit single ‘Calm Down’ with Selena Gomez.

Rema’s last collaboration with an American is ‘Pretty Girl‘ with fast-rising rapper Ice Spice.


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