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Omah Lay’s Journey to a New Album

Omah Lay

In the pulsating world of Afrobeat, Omah Lay has become a prominent name, captivating audiences with his soulful tunes and magnetic stage presence. Now, breaking the silence, the artist hints at a new album in the works, promising an auditory journey like never before.

Since breaking into the mainstream in 2020 through his debut EP ‘Get Layd’, Omah Lay has risen to commercial success to become one of Nigeria’s biggest music stars.

In an interview with Beats FM London, Omah Lay shared that he believes the sound in Nigerian mainstream music is going to change in the near future.


“I feel the sound people identify as Afrobeats is going to change in 2024, 2025 (the future) and I am going to be one of the leaders of the new sound,” Omah Lay said in the interview.

Omah Lay further went on to share that he has started a new sound and listeners will get to experience the sound in the album he’s working on.

“I have started a new sound of Afrobeats and you are going to hear more of that in 2024. ‘Holy Ghost’ is one of them and I’m putting together an album that will consist of the new sound,” Omah Lay shared.

The award-winning singer has made a name for himself for his impressive ability to create music that packs emotional utility without losing the feel-good gratification of Pop music.

His debut album ‘Boy Alone’ offered a view into his battle with fame, success, and relationships. The album’s emotional lyrics and captivating sonics led fans to playfully tag it as “Afro Depression”.

Omah Lay’s exploration of his vulnerability in creating music sets him apart in Afrobeats. Listeners will no doubt be looking forward to new material from the hitmaker.

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