How To Make Someone Fall In Love Through Eye Contact

In the realm of human connection, few things are as captivating as the silent language spoken through our eyes. The art of making someone fall in love through eye contact goes beyond mere glances – it delves into the intricacies of non-verbal communication and the profound impact it can have on emotions.

Eyes become the initial gate to touch someone’s heart. Through our eyes we can also express various feelings to someone. Through our eyes we can also provide a lot of code without having to talk. Through eye contact, we can understand what is being felt by others. Even the characteristics of a woman lying can also be seen from the look in her eyes.

Here’s how to make a someone fall in love with you eyes.

1. Keep your eye contact

According to research by American social psychologist, lawyer, and writer, Zick Rubin, people who are in love maintain eye contact as much as 75 percent of the time spent together. It was scientifically proven that the intimacy between two people increased for those who continued to maintain eye contact.

Looking into someone’s eyes is the first step to starting a conversation with someone, while creating a positive impression. Give your ‘target’ sight and if he or she looks back without turning away, that means you have ‘permission’ to approach him and introduce yourself.

2. Look someone in the eye longer and more closely.

When talking or give a compliment with someone we will definitely stare at that person and this is a common thing that happens in a conversation. In conversation, eyes are usually used to respect the other person. Deep and meaningful eyes are body language when we fall in love.

To make a someone who is your interlocutor fall in love, you can stare into the eyes of a man longer, closer and deeper. Use the way you look that is replaces the one sight of you like you amazed for someone(read again in point 2). Eyes like this can also make men nervous and make heartbeats.

3. Use eye contact that is shady and gentle.

The eyes can also look different according to the feelings and emotions that we are feeling. When angry, sad and happy his gaze will look different. When you want to make a someone fall in love and be attracted to you, use calm and gentle eyes. These are also the characteristics of people liking us quietly.

Don’t use sharp eyes like you’re interrogating someone. Women’s gaze is soft and calm can make a man fall asleep and feel fascinated by it. Eyes can also be a sign of a when someone falling in love quietly.

4. Use natural eye makeup.

Women you are a woman actually women always try to look beautiful and charming to look attractive by everyone, especially men who have made them fall in love. Then it is certain that women will decorate themselves before meeting with the man coveted, in addition to matters of appearance as well as makeup.

Using natural eye makeup will also help to make men fall in love with eye contact. When you make eye contact with the man, your eyes will look more beautiful in his eyes that can make men interested. But be careful not to make your eye makeup look weird and tacky.

5. Give a sight that is full of meaning and full of love.

Do not give blank and dreamy eyes when you are chatting with your ideal someone. This will make you look like you are thinking about something else. One of the mistakes that you do make someone can think you are not comfortable around him or her.

Give a meaningful sight that can express your liking to the someone. Loving eyes can be a signal for a someone who might be interested in you.

6. A quick glance before looking away.

Sometimes there is an accidental eye contact between you and the someone when they pass or are in the same location. This moment you can make an opportunity to give a signal to the someone while making his heart flutter when staring at you accidentally. Heart palpitations when making eye contact with others can be a sign of being in love.

When the someone stares at you, don’t immediately turn away because you are ashamed of being caught watching. However, hold your sight for 3 seconds before turning away.

Those eyes can also make a someone realize that you also have an interest in him which makes the opportunity he thinks of you and starts to fall in love with you too. Eyes like this are also signs that if someone loving you. But for those of you who are married, you should know how to maintain eye contact

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