How To Join Odunlade Adekola Film Production

Odunlade Adekola

Welcome to ngdailyinfo report where we share legit information with our readers, we are here for OAFP 2023 registration process in today’s article.

About Odunlade Adekola

Odunlade is a film producer, director, scriptwriter, and professional actor. When we said professional, is not an ordinary actor, a person who can play any role in film production. When it comes to crime acting, odun is the best, Pastor, expert in it and comedy, you will laugh tired, that is why Odunlade Adekola has more fans and that is why some people are trying to join Odunlade Adekola film production school today. Before joining Odunlade School, you have to take note of this. What can I do in the film industry? The majority of you think that joining the film industry is only for acting and appearing on television but Odunlade school is beyond that.

Here are some courses offered by OAFP


You may have the talent to direct not act, for example, let look at our best Yoruba movie director, a person of Adebayo Tijani who has received several awards as Best Director. The man is good as a director but the truth is that he can’t act as an actor. Is not even good at acting at all but this man directed the most awarded Yoruba movies. So you may choose to be someone like this and you will quickly make it because there is little people demand to become a director.


You can also choose a scriptwriter in order to become a professional story writer like sarafadeen Olabode who has received several awards in Script Writing. I really love this because a lot of famous actors will be demanded the script from you and you will get paid for this.

Camera operating/ DOP

Odunlade has the best equipment for shorting a movie and also teach some students how to operate all this equipment including camera, sound, and others.


A set man can change outside to inside by performing some settings, let look at all this epic movie, you will be seen the oldest Palace in the movie, is not that the palace is there before, but a set man will build this and it will look like real olden days Palace. You may decide to choose this course.


2023 OAFP Registration

Odunlade Adekola

ngdailyinfo we also provide update on Odunlade Adekola film production, therefore, it you are one of the interested applicants who wish to attend the school, keep reading to get all the ngdailyinfo information you need. According to the school management, “I appreciate all Odunlade Adekola fans all over the world and thank you for your support, you are the reason why we keep moving in the film industry today, and I really appreciate you” I also congratulation our 2023 students who just graduated.

I wish you success in your life. He continued, it comes to my attention that the majority of our fans asking when Odunlade Adekola Films Productions school registration will start in 2023 and how to apply. Firstly, I will advise all our fans to be very careful because some 419 pretend to act as Odunlade on social media. I Odunlade Adekola here to tell you that, I didn’t have time to operate any social media account and I want you to take note of that. Most time, my real social media account is operated by my boys. So if you see someone send you a message and said mention Odunlade Adekola’s film production and win some prizes, just run for your life ooo. The second batch of 2022 registration in odunlade adekola film production school has been completed this month and any moment from now, we will commence the Audition for the 2023 first batch in abeokuta ogun state.

Therefore, anyone who wish to join Odunlade Adekola film production should wait for this first batch which will start very soon. Said the school manager. Don’t miss the first batch by joining other people who will receive direct messages immediately after the form is out.

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