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4 Fascinating Things Unborn Babies Do Inside Their Mother’s Womb

The journey of life begins in the womb, where the miracle of existence unfolds. In this article, we will delve into the intriguing realm of what unborn babies do inside their mother’s womb. From around 8 weeks development to the wondrous moments before birth, let’s uncover the mysteries that make this journey so captivating.

1. Developing Sensory Abilities.

Unborn babies begin developing their sensory abilities early in gestation. By around 8 weeks, basic structures for hearing, sight, taste, and touch start forming. They respond to external stimuli, and by the second trimester, they can hear sounds from the outside world. The fetus reacts to light, and taste buds form, allowing them to perceive different flavors through the amniotic fluid.

2. Movement and Physical Activity.

Despite the confined space, unborn babies are remarkably active. By the end of the first trimester, they start making spontaneous movements, and by the second trimester, their kicks and somersaults become more pronounced. These movements are essential for the development of muscles and joints. The baby’s sense of touch is also evident as they explore their own body and the boundaries of the womb.

3. REM Sleep Patterns.

Around the end of the second trimester, unborn babies exhibit Rapid Eye Movement (REM) during sleep, similar to adults. This suggests the beginning of dream states. REM sleep is crucial for brain development and is associated with learning and memory. The unborn baby may experience different sleep cycles, alternating between periods of REM and non-REM sleep, contributing to overall brain maturation.

4. Practice Breathing Movements.

In preparation for life outside the womb, unborn babies practice breathing movements from an early stage. These movements involve the rhythmic contractions of the diaphragm and other respiratory muscles. Although the fetus doesn’t breathe air, these practice breaths are essential for the development of the respiratory system. They help strengthen the muscles necessary for breathing, ensuring the baby is ready to take its first breath after birth.


As we unravel the captivating narrative of what unborn babies do inside their mother’s womb, we witness the intricate symphony of life. From the silent communication of cells to the practice of innate reflexes, every moment within the womb is a testament to the miraculous journey of human existence.

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