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Awoniyi Shed Light On His Injury Details, Keen To Return To Pitch

Taiwo Awoniyi

In the world of football, injuries are an inevitable part of a player’s journey. In recent updates, Super Eagles and Nottingham forward  Taiwo Awoniyi has shed light on his injury details and expressed a strong eagerness to make a comeback on the grass.

Awoniyi missed the Super Eagles invitation for the AFCON due to an injury he picked up during his last International match. He stated that the injury required surgery as it was a recurring issue that he failed to operate since a year ago.

He has also confirmed that he is now okay and is looking to getting back on the grass soon.
“Well, I am fine now, because it was a big injury, but everything is good now and hopefully, I will be back to the pitch too,” Awoniyi stated.

“What happened was I had similar injury twice before, the first time being last year. I was asked to choose between having it operated upon or allowing it to heal up naturally.

“I chose the latter and then I got injured again around my groin, although not on the same spot, and then about three weeks after the Brentford game, the muscles healed although not completely and I had to play through the pains, and after then I played against Liverpool, then West Ham and then sometime later I came for the international window to play for the Super Eagles, but the truth is I was not comfortable at all and could not move without feeling pains.”

“So I discovered that the injury had worsened and then I had to leave the country back to Nottingham and as soon as I got here it was discovered that it was the same groin problem and was advised to operate it and forget about the pains, so I decided to and then move on with life.”

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